The P-shape conservatory structure is an inventive way to combine the benefits of the two styles, using the P-shaped footprint maximises the benefits of traditional style conservatories with the drama of the Victorian style.

The vertical line of the P is usually constructed with the lean-to design structured to attach to the property, while the rounded part of the P can be either the Victorian or Edwardian design; the combination of both styles creating a ‘p shaped’ floor plan.

This P-shaped style provides a voluminous conservatory with a section extending into the garden while the lean-to element often extends to the entire width of your home.

We offer a range of colours, cresting and flourishes with various styles, while coloured glass features allow for a touch of elegance.

Almost every element of your new conservatory can be personalised to your requirements.

P Shape Conservatory
P Shape Conservatory in Peterborough

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